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Our strength is our expertise. Learn about our issue experts, their focus, and backgrounds.

Dean C. Garfield image

Dean C. Garfield

President and CEO

Ashley  Berrang image

Ashley Berrang

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs

Jonathan (Josh)  Kallmer image

Jonathan (Josh) Kallmer

Executive Vice President, Policy

Rick  Goss image

Rick Goss

Senior Vice President, Environment and Sustainability

Andy  Halataei image

Andy Halataei

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

A.R. "Trey"  Hodgkins image

A.R. "Trey" Hodgkins

Senior Vice President, Public Sector

Mike  Williams image

Mike Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Sana  Ali image

Sana Ali

Manager, Global Policy

Cody  Ankeny image

Cody Ankeny

Senior Manager, Global Policy

Janelle  Blackwood image

Janelle Blackwood

Director, Human Resources & Facilities

Jennifer  Bodie image

Jennifer Bodie

Director of Events

Jose  Castaneda image

Jose Castaneda

Manager, Communications

Chris  Cleet image

Chris Cleet

Senior Director, Environment and Sustainability

Karolina  Filipiak image

Karolina Filipiak

Director, Government Affairs

Ashley  Friedman image

Ashley Friedman

Senior Director, Global Policy

Evi  Fuelle image

Evi Fuelle

Senior Manager, Member Engagement

Eminence  Griffin image

Eminence Griffin

Director of Federal Procurement and Counsel

Mia  Harris image

Mia Harris

Receptionist and Meetings Assistant

Marisa  Hawley image

Marisa Hawley

Manager, Government Affairs

Kaila  Jenkins image

Kaila Jenkins

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Maureen  Joudrey image

Maureen Joudrey

Vice President, Operational Excellence and Technology

Kelsey  Kober image

Kelsey Kober

Program Associate, ITAPS

Jordan  Kroll image

Jordan Kroll

Director, State and Local

Ricky  Le image

Ricky Le

Senior Director, Government Affairs

Alexa  Lee image

Alexa Lee

Manager of Environment & Sustainability

Guido  Lobrano image

Guido Lobrano

Senior Director, Global Policy

Erica  Logan image

Erica Logan

Senior Director, Environment and Sustainability

Jennifer  McCloskey image

Jennifer McCloskey

Vice President of Policy, Market Access

John  Miller image

John Miller

Vice President, Global Policy and Law

Emma  Rafaelof image

Emma Rafaelof

Associate Manager

Joshua  Rosenberg image

Joshua Rosenberg

Director, Global Policy

No image.

Clare Sahin

Manager, State & Local

No image.

Sarah Shive

Director of Government Affairs

Shannon  Taylor image

Shannon Taylor

Vice President, Government Affairs

Pamela  Walker image

Pamela Walker

Vice President, Federal Public Sector

No image.

Jennie Westbrook Courts

Vice President of External Affairs

Naomi  Wilson image

Naomi Wilson

Director, Global Policy, China & Greater Asia

Chung-Yin  Yau image

Chung-Yin Yau

Senior Accounting Manager